Ease Anxiety with Massage Therapy

If you suffer from acute anxiety (panic attacks) or chronic anxiety (constant feelings of uneasiness and nervousness), you may not be living the life you deserve. Anxiety disorders can interfere with your life and cause other symptoms. You may avoid social events or traveling. It may become difficult to work and literally function in normal settings. Eventually, chronic anxiety may result in additional physical symptoms such as aches, pain, depression, insomnia, lowered libido and increased PMS.

Acute and chronic anxiety may result from an imbalance in brain chemistry. The brain reacts to a false emergency signal which triggers the release of hormones responsible for the fight or flight response. In addition, lower levels of serotonin make it more difficult for the person to relax.

Though there have been numerous drugs designed to relieve anxiety, some patients do not respond well to anti-anxiety medications and others may experience dangerous side effects. (If you are taking an anti-anxiety medication, do not discontinue your medication without the express consent and guidance of your physician!!)

Following a proper diet, exercising and getting plenty of rest are important in managing anxiety. Stress management and relaxation techniques are also crucial. Many studies have found massage therapy to be highly beneficial for those suffering from anxiety.

A study printed in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry concluded that "the massage subjects were less depressed and anxious and had lower saliva cortisol levels after the massage" when compared to the control group.1 The study also showed improvement in night-time sleep for the children and adolescents that received massage.

Another study printed in Biomedical Research (Japan) concluded that "facial massage reduced anxiety and negative mood status, and increased sympathetic nervous activity" when performed for 45 minutes in healthy female subjects.2

If you are looking for better ways to manage your anxiety disorder and improve the quality of your life, please contact a licensed massage therapist today.


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